Biological Surface Cleaner for Cleaning & Neutralization of Odor in Urinals.

The specially designed microorganisms and neutralizers in LCD 011 destroy urine and other organic waste resulting from sanitary surfaces.
LCD 011Microorganisms reach and clean even the most difficult areas where they are difficult to clean with conventional cleaning products.
Areas of Application: Used in toilets and urinals, surfaces of sanitary interest, bathrooms and elsewhere.
Method of Application: As we spray, the initial effect of the product comes in contact with the neutralizer and the bad odors are neutralized immediately. Thus, the surface is prepared for the action of bacteria. The bacterial components of LCD 011 consist of selected species that are highly effective in urine and other organic deposits. These species decompose urine and other impurities. Spray directly on leaks and difficult areas.
It has no effects on human health and the environment. Our products have all the necessary certificates of exemption from E.O.F. and G.X.K.

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