Clean Bac ™ Citro is a concentrated waste bin cleaner using bin washers. It is a special cleaner that fights odors from the constant deposition of householdclean bac citro 600waste in the bins. Removes insects and bugs. Inhibits the growth of odor-causing organisms. It does not corrode metal bins, it preserves plastic ones. Can be used in a wide range of cleaning for trash cans, garbage trucks, vehicles, roads, floors, and elsewhere
It is a neutral solution with biodegradable active ingredients (over 90%)
Aromatic aroma, essential oils CITRONELLA HW3238> 30%. Specific gravity (200C): 1 + - 0.02
Non-flammable. Non corrosive. Non-volatile. It does not create foam. Safe for humans, environment and animals. Contains alcohol> 25%. It does not contain chlorine and chemical compounds that alter the color of the buckets.
Use: Clean Bac ™ Citro is used sprayed, brushed, sprayed or dipped. Suitable for use with washing machine and foam nozzle. Its action is not limited to high or low temperatures. Recommended dilution for waste bins using 0.02 to 0.025% bin washers. Dilute with hot or cold water.
Areas of Application: Ideal for municipalities, municipal enterprises, meat processing areas, slaughterhouses, salad shops, workshops, taverns, technical companies, air conditioning maintainers and more.
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