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ChemFil SafeZone Disinfection Cabin
It is a disinfection unit that you can safely use for sterilization in companies, factories, municipalities and organizations, churches, food processing facilities, accommodation facilities, hotels, department stores, conference and concert venues, stadiums and all public areas. Minimizes the risk by eliminating viruses and bacteria that can be found in humans, so as not to carry bacteria and viruses to the premises. It is a product designed specifically for the needs of customers with low investment and operating costs.

ChemFil SafeZone disinfection cabinet is designed in the simplest possible way away from unnecessary details. This provides long-term and economical disinfection with minimal service requirements and alternatives. The disinfection cabin consists of two parts. The electromechanical equipment unit and the cab that is easily transported. It can be easily assembled in a short time in the application area.

ChemFil SafeZone DISINFECTION CABIN for all Areas!
ChemFil SafeZone disinfection cabinet is a "high-tech" way of "human" disinfection without hydrogen peroxide. It's a new and technological way to prevent and kill viruses. Can be used safely outdoors and indoors. At the entrances of buildings, factories, hotels, sea and air ports, stadiums, theaters, shopping malls, schools, cafes and restaurants.

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Operation Layout

- Automatic disinfectant solution fog that is activated by the photocell switch with the entry movement in the cabin and lasts for an average time of 5 seconds (user adjustable)

- Effective cloud from 10 points in a short time.
- They evaporate immediately and do not wet the person.
- Very low water consumption.
- Does not cause potholes in the ground
Based on the experience of our specialist engineers for years, the cabin has been designed for a direct purpose with correctly calculated width and length, dimensions. Thanks to its lightweight design, the cabin unit can be transported without difficulty by two people. Can be mounted on the ground in outdoor applications. ChemFil SafeZone cabinet and pump unit can be installed in separate locations. This makes it easy to apply as the pump and control unit can be placed nearby while only the cabinet is kept visible at the entrance.
Thanks to the high pressure of the pump there is no loss of cloud performance and the system automatically forms the appropriate disinfectant mixture with water
with the power supply. You do not need to prepare a disinfectant solution or fill a water tank near the cupboard. The whole process is performed completely automatically. The operator only needs to refill the disinfectant solution properly.
ChemFil SafeZone disinfection cabin is designed in the simplest possible way.