"SAFEZONE" certification by CHEMFIL

The SAFEZONE certification was developed by the company ChemFil - Chemicals Filippidis. It is an integrated certification system aimed at increasing the confidence of citizens and consumers in companies and organizations that implement the procedures provided by the system.
SAFEZONE System Description
The system sets out the fundamental requirements and procedures that a company or organization must apply in order to obtain CHEMFIL "SAFEZONE" certification, which verify that the appropriate mechanism, in conjunction with the appropriate approved products and the appropriate infrastructure layout is always in line with current epidemiological data and guidelines to prevent the onset or spread of coronavirus disease on the premises of the company or organization.
The "SAFEZONE" Certification system of CHEMFIL is addressed to all companies that due to their activities favor socializing, hospitality and generally have public gathering places and confirms that:
• Take the necessary measures, apply the appropriate procedures and the appropriate practices by the competent authorities and the scientific community to prevent the transmission of coronavirus, as well as other diseases caused by infectious agents, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites.
• The appropriate certified and approved cleaning, disinfection and deodorization products are supplied.
• Provide the means and infrastructure required to implement products and processes. Particular importance is given to waste collection and management, biological water treatment plants and ventilation and sewerage systems using special cleaning, disinfecting and insect repellent products.

• They have properly trained staff and are constantly updating their staff training program to comply with the procedures and new instructions as they are informed by the National Health Organizations and other institutions (eg EODY, WHO).
• Properly inform and guide all those who enter or are hosted on the premises of the company, to avoid the transmission of the virus.
Inextricably linked responsibility, social awareness and sensitivity, as well as the business ethic that governs an Organization with preventive actions and goals for:
• Reducing the risk or minimizing the possibility of the spread of coronavirus and other infectious microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites.
• Supporting a high level of prevention against possible exposure (unintentionally or intentionally) to coronavirus and other infectious microorganisms in relation to persons with whom they come into direct or indirect contact, such as employees, partners - suppliers, customers, visitors and other stakeholders, all phases of their daily transactions and operations, during the process of providing their products and / or services.
The "SAFEZONE" Certification System of CHEMFIL is addressed to all companies that due to their activities favor socializing, hospitality and generally have public gathering places. Indicatively, in hospitality companies (hotels, accommodation), catering, manufacturing, processing and / or food distribution units, transport companies and supply chain (supply chain), retail trade (supermarkets, shops, shopping centers), sports and fitness, public services, educational centers, schools. Special emphasis is given to health care facilities such as hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, etc.
The benefits of CHEMFIL "SAFEZONE" certification
CHEMFIL's "SAFEZONE" Certification option, from a company or organization, adds value through the reliability and power that Covid Cabin reflects our name and brand (CHEMFIL) and highlights its commitment to providing products and services that are protected by their exposure to coronavirus threats, as well as other infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites).
It strengthens the companies' strategy to develop a series of actions to raise awareness and safeguard a protected and vigilant environment from the coronavirus, and other infectious agents.
It actively contributes to the increase of the trust in the consumer, the visitor and all the involved and interested parties.

Participation in the "SAFEZONE" system of CHEMFIL
To participate in the "SAFEZONE" system of CHEMFIL, a specific plan of studies and works must be followed as
1. Indication and recording of areas that require cleaning and disinfection
2. Research and recording of areas that need special work such as insect repellent, deodorization, blockage and wastewater treatment
3. Selection and purchase of approved products indicated by CHEMFIL and its partners
4. True application of the instructions of the company and its partners, always according to the special technical characteristics of each product
5. Any violation of the above terms and regulations, gives the company CHEMFIL the right to proceed with the removal of the "SAFEZONE" Mark and the termination of certification by our company.
The company CHEMFIL, having great experience and know-how, enables its partners-customers the rational treatment and the scientific approach of any problem of cleaning, disinfection, blockage, treatment and sanitation of the environment. The environment in which we and our children live, work and have fun. We take care of our environment, we stay safe…
We trust the safe environment of CHEMFIL. The "SAFEZONE".